• Changes lives
  • Is there for everyone.
  • Discloses no one.
  • May it bring untold contentment and well being to you

Life Force...

Every living thing has life force even
plants. Reiki healers channel energy
into their clients to stimulate their chi
or life force, so instigating their body
minds and spirits to heal them restoring their balance of life.

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Latest News...

I have just opened a reiki and healing studio in Barry linked in with a dear friend, Patse Hemsley, who will be teaching workshops on healing through art.

Examples of Patse's beautiful artworks can be seen at

Together, we work on helping people produce their own emotional landscape picture and help them to let go of their baggage, and have a great day into the bargain. no artist experience needed!
Visit The Creative Well website here >


The magical world of Huna brought to you by Samantha Atie:


Healing painting from Jane Parker can be found on my new website

Reiki Pure & Simple

The following pages I hope, will open up the mystery so often wrapped around Reiki and its place in our world today.

I will discuss:

Please read my pages. I hope you enjoy my views and are able to glean some thing that will help you in your journey through life and your healing process.

Reiki is...

Everything on this site is my own opinion of these matters and is not meant to be reproduced or used as gospel in any way. These are theories I have experienced and there fore given me the above beliefs. They are tried and tested by me.

I intend no offence to anyone in disagreement with my views.

Jane x